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We are always trying to stay ahead of the curve here at @BARetc. Here are current Social Networking projects we are working on that we are not only encouraging our Promotional Specialist to assist in, but also will be rewarding on with cash bonuses. Stay tuned and if you share, mention or conduct any other social activity as cited below, save some screen shots of doing so for back-up and reference.

BARetc's Side
  • We post entertaining industry related content
  • We work with certain brands to manage campaigns and contest as guest admins for their Facebook Pages.
Promotional Specialist Focus
  • Like our company's page and the brands you work on promoting under BARetc. 
  • Share our page with your Facebook friends
  • Share our client's pages with your Facebook friends.

BARetc's Side
  • Our promotional calendar is Tweeted a day prior to the event and also a minute prior to the event too.
  • We mention brands and locations when available in these tweets.
  • General Company Twitter Account for company news.
  • Market Specific BARetc Twitter accounts for promotional activity by market.
Promotional Specialist Focus
  • Tweet when you are doing a promo and mention that brand. 
  • Follow your BARetc's Market Twitter Account

BARetc's and Promotional Specialist Focus
  • Check-in at all your events.
  • Offer tips through Foursquare regarding the brands we are promoting if they are featuring the product or specific serving suggestions.